Adventure Travel International – Northward Nicaragua Tours is a tour operator that specializes in scientific - adventure travel. We provide consulting and custom travel arrangements and packages. 

ATI - NNT's employees and owner are outdoor adventure and travel enthusiasts, as well as seasoned travel-industry professionals. ATI - NNT seeks to connect scientific - adventure travel newcomers and veterans with service providers, adventure activities, scientific expeditions, accommodations and equipments, that fit the client's desires, budget, and skill level. 

As part of our diversified services, ATI-NNT offers consultancies through its extensive experience in preparing and implementing tourism strategies and action plans; And in producing realistic, practical business plans for tourism service providers, large and small; from national to local level; from metropolitan cities to rural regions.

Our portfolio of services are mainly directed to all involved in tourism service, such as zip lines operators, Biological Stations, S&L  Beach – Mountain Hotel and Restaurant Owners.

Cultural and Heritage Tourism

Our destination consultants offer in-depth expertise relating to cultural and heritage projects, ranging in scope from management plans for specific heritage sites to exploring the impact and potential of cultural festivals.

Tourism and the Environment

NNT is committed to tourism development that is truly sustainable and offers services in sustainable tourism development and management that are integrated with market development.

Tourism Training

We are experts in transferring our knowledge to staff in Destination Management Organizations and businesses. We provide formal training, informal on-the-job coaching, workshops, and support networks.

Business Tourism

NNT offers extensive experience and expertise in research, strategy and action-planning in this field, recognizing that business tourism is a key strategic component in the market mix for any major destination.

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