ATI - NNT, Mission Statement

ATI - NNT stands for Biological Research in BOSAWAS and Indio Maiz. We are newly estabilishing, small conservation initiative with the intention to provide research opportunities to scientists and adventurers to explore and document the wildlife in Nicaragua.

BOSAWAS  in the northern part of Nicaragua is a hilly tropical forest designated in 1997 as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. At aproximately 20,000 KM2 in size, the reserve comprises about 15 per cent of the nation`s total land area, making it the second largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, after the Amazon in Brasil. BOSAWAS is largely unexplored and rich in biodiversity. 

Indio Maiz Biological Reserve measures about 4,500 KM2 and is situated on the southeastern corner of Nicaragua bordering San Juan River. It is the second largest expanse of lowland rainforest reserve in Nicaragua and is referred to as ''the gem of Central America nature reserves''   by UCLA, bilogists. Indio Maiz is rich in biodiversity, it holds a higher number in species of trees, birds, and Insects than all of Europe.

Our Aim is to locally guarantee the protection of these areas and globally encourage the protection of biodiversity. In order to promote nature conservation and research, we combine science with education through our research and public awareness program.

Therefore ATI-NNT proposes a variety of customized trips that could be of help for research biologists, university students, or any adventurer who would like to perfom The Best Treks in Central America as well as to experience baseline field research, monitoring and documenting the biodiversity of Nicaragua.

AZULEJO  PROGRAM (2 weeks)  


Hands-on experience in biology field work conducting your own research project

Learning specialized research methods in the field
Attaining experience in field work design, data collection and write-up
Getting your name in print through report publications in Nicaragua
Gaining insight into farm and wildlife management in Nicaragua
Developing friendships and contacts for your future career
Enhancing your CV through conservation, public awareness and team work - obtain a NORTHWARD NICARAGUA TOURS certificate
Your personal contribution to the conservation of Nicaraguan Wildlife

Travel Types Included

Biological Research
Marine Biology
Video - Photography
Eco Tours
Environmental Studies
Nature Tours
Student Tours
Wildlife surveying
Summer Camp
Jungle Trek
Volunteering (available)

Dedicated to passionate nature lovers with interest in enviromental conservation as well as the terrain of Nicaragua.


Spanish - English

Cost of the Course

U$ 3,400.00 *All Inclusive Tour

Meals + non alcoholic drink
In-country Transportation
Personal Guide
Adventure Pass (Natural Reserves Fee)

Experience Required


Typical Applicant

Typically applicants are ADVENTURERS AT HEART, anyone can join this course, students of biology, ecology and enviromental sciences would find it attractive to gain experience in the field.

Age Range

18 Onwards

This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants. Family, Couples or Individuals

Application Process

Contact us at

Post Services Include

Alumni Network

Job and Intership Network

Course Year Founded


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